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Welcome to CHINA POLICY. We take the pulse of PRC policy, and deliver incisive analysis. 

If your team needs to sift out what's critical from the torrent of PRC information pumped out by the media—digital or audio, mainstream or startup. Or if you are making bigger bets on the future of the PRC real estate, energy, or financial sectors—you’ve arrived at the right place.

CHINA POLICY has, for over a decade, pioneered advanced skills in monitoring and making sense of Beijing’s laws, regulations, and policy debates.

We not only track every move of Beijing ministries but, more critically, place them in context, give them timelines, add narrative and explain why they matter. We look back to see where trends started, and over the horizon to see where they may lead. We keep tabs on who's who and who will be who in the policy community. We take note of what they say, as well as what they fail to.

Our new platform integrates monitoring with analysis and adds a powerful search function, opening veins of information to mine for briefing, reporting, planning and strategy.

CHINA POLICY is a rich repository of up-to-date policy analysis that opens the PRC to you, in ways that are as strategically valuable as they are engaging and informative.

Post zero-COVID, with recession threatening its major markets, Beijing’s policy community should follow a well-thumbed playbook. That playbook is ever more challenging to decode in the Xi Jinping 习近平 New Era of ‘PRC-style modernisation’ and ‘holistic national security’ declared by the 20th Party Congress.

China is (surprise, surprise) not simple—but nor is it utterly unfathomable. It is a one-party state—with a turbo-charged propaganda system—but a seriously competent policy community dedicated to outcomes.

So how do we help your China strategy, your next visit, your bottom line? Our services combine rigour with peripheral vision, business acumen amplified by cultural savvy, and detail harnessed to the big picture. 

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