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CHINA POLICY clients typically subscribe to our standard or premium services

standard subscriptions include 

  • CHINA POLICY exclusive cross-sector analysis 
  • access to CHINA POLICY knowledge base

This gives you full access to all our monitoring and analysis and our treasure trove of policy history. If you need to keep on top of your sector, brief your CEO, check a policy trajectory…

premium subscriptions include

  • premium briefs 
  • alert service
  • principal and analyst support
  • CHINA POLICY exclusive cross-sector analysis 
  • access to CHINA POLICY knowledge base 

You will also get focused briefings, alerts on new initiatives, as well as principal and analyst support via calls or emails. 

Our team covers the gamut of sectors impacting domestic and global developments. We provide the most complete coverage of PRC policies, domestic discussion and forecasts available in English.

In early 2023 we are looking closely at

  • macroeconomy: easing measures; SOEs mergers 
  • trade: support to exporters; better relations with advanced economies
  • energy: booming offshore wind and distributed solar; more sectors in the carbon market and steady steps to liberalise power markets; increased coal mining
  • scitech: funding to basic research but also to fields with commercial promise i.e. Web3; incentives to attract and retain talent
  • innovation: Party engagement with platform economies; allout digitisation; data trading
  • agriculture: food security as part of national security; funding rural revitalisation; state of biodiversity, stability and sustainability of ecosystems
  • education: unifying political education from primary to university; ​​promoting standard Chinese; promoting tech and talent    
  • health: pro-birth policies; health insurance and delayed retirement
  • environment: climate cooperation with US; launching national parks
  • legal: sovereign security; protect PRC in overseas jurisdictions; extra territorial laws; laws for digital economy, tech, industry, healthcare
  • global: cosier south-south relations across all sectors; stepped up visits to south partners; Global Security and Development Initiatives eclipsing BRI

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