SASAC advancing SOE development of AI

context: NPF (new productive forces) have become a policy focus after Xi Jinping 习近平 introduced the concept in Heilongjiang in September 2023. Smart manufacturing, powered by AI (artificial intelligence), is the key to developing NPF, according to a January 2024 State Council executive meeting. SOEs (state-owned enterprises) have committed to focus on tech innovation in 2024, and are now called to take on more responsibility in the development of AI.

SOEs (state-owned enterprises) should play a more significant role in AI (artificial intelligence) development, argues Zhang Yuzhuo 张玉卓 SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) director at a meeting on AI enabling industry rejuvenation. It is the responsibility of SOEs to foster NPF (new productive forces) and promote high-quality development, he says. 

Ten SOEs signed a proposal at the meeting, pledging to take the initiative to open up AI application scenarios to society.

In order to position the development of AI in a more salient position, SASAC asks SOES to focus on

  • building more intelligent computing centres
  • improving innovation strategies 
  • better talent policies 
  • building AI industrial clusters
  • applying AI to traditional industries 
  • establishing an intelligent economy that is data-driven and centres around human-machine collaboration, cross-industry integration, co-creation and sharing

As part of an AI special action, SASAC calls on SOEs to 

  • follow the direction of demand 
  • empower key industries
  • build industrial multi-modal high-quality data sets
  • create an industrial ecology enabled by large models

E Weinan 鄂维南 Chinese Academy of Sciences academician was invited to lecture on the current development status of AI.