NDRC highlight four continuations for NEV industry

context: Following the discontinuation of direct national purchase subsidies in 2022, the PRC has shifted its focus towards implementing actions that foster momentum within the industry. At a 2 June meeting, the State Council laid out new directives for the high-quality development of NEVs (new energy vehicles). Xin Guobin 辛国斌 MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) vice minsiter said on 11 June that the global NEV industry has entered a stage of accelerated development.

Since the beginning of this year, the development of the NEV (new energy vehicle) industry has continued to be positive, said Meng Wei 孟玮 NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) spokesperson at a press briefing on 16 June, noting that from January to May

  • production reached 3.005 million units, up 45 percent
  • sales reached 2.94 million units, up 46.8 percent
  • exports reached 457,000 units, up 1.6 times

By focusing on both the demand and supply sides to strengthen and broaden the advantages of NEV development, NDRC's objective is now, in line with the State Council's new directives, to facilitate both the rapid and high-quality growth of the NEV industry, Wei stressed.

The key point is to achieve 'four continuations', she said, by continuing to

  • expand the consumer market
    • initiatives such as extending the reach of NEVs to rural areas
  • improve innovation capabilitie
    • implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy
    • strengthening the dominant position of automobile enterprises in innovation
    • conforming to the development trend of electrification and smart technology
    • supporting enterprises to strengthen R&D in key core technologies, like power batteries, new chassis architecture and intelligent driving
  • optimise the industrial layout
    • strengthening the guidance of the NEV industry and enterprises
    • creating a market environment characterised by healthy competition and the survival of the fittest
  • improve infrastructure
    • accelerating the construction of a high-quality charging infrastructure system
    • optimising and improving the layout of charging networks in cities, intercity, urban agglomerations and rural areas