measures to support biomedical development in Xiongan New Area

context: Since Beijing first announced the decision to establish Xiongan New Area in 2017, the city has embodied the PRC's ambition to build a high-quality modern economic zone as part of its millennium strategy. Given Xiongan’s strategic importance, recently released measures to support biomedical development in the city is consistent with the state's long-term goal to encourage and deliver innovation.

The Party/state office of the Xiongan New Area party management and working committee recently released measures to support the development of modern life sciences and biotechnology industries. The measures include the following

  • support set-up biopharmaceutical companies
  • encourage open cooperation in the biomedical field
  • encourage investment in R&D innovation
  • support building innovative platforms
  • accelerate layout of industrial ecology
  • promote building biomedical industrial parks
  • support development digital health
  • support launch and industrialisation of drugs and medical services
    • subsidies for preclinical research and clinical trials
    • support for industrialisation of new pharmaceutical and medical device achievements
    • support for enterprises applying for foreign registration certification
  • accelerate the introduction of public service platforms
  • encourage the development of special medical food industry
  • promote drug research and clinical application
  • create a high-level open innovation biomedical development cluster
  • create a mecca to attract skilled professionals to the biomedical industry
  • support firms and institutions that have made significant biomedical contributions

Collectively, these measures aim to speed up the promotion of high-quality development of modern life sciences and biotech industries, as well as the creation of an innovative hub of advanced industries that best ensures these developments.