looking for post-COVID stability

Our China Executive Briefing project with Asia Society Australia is winding up. Our final briefing, looking for post-COVID stability, tracks the likely trajectory of the sectors we earlier examined in detail (see links below). We were honoured to have Joerg Wuttke, president emeritus of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, launch the report in Sydney on 11 September. 

Many are facing tough challenges, but we note that alongside gloomy outlooks and tightening budgets, the policy wheels of the new administration keep turning. Some sectors find a silver lining in new funding, subsidies, tax breaks and the like. In the past, the economy was only stable at turbo speed. The New Era will need to find new sources of both stability and growth. Our briefing examines these challenges from technology to ageing. 

It has been a pleasure to partner with Asia Society. Our mission to build China knowledge has been advanced via its public role and global reach. We warmly thank the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations for its strong support for the project. 

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looking for post-COVID stability

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