China Policy

China Policy serves clients with long-term broad-picture interest in the China market and the policy landscape.

Our strategic advisory services are based on close, systematic tracking of the policy discussion in Chinese across core economic and social sectors. Mapping and analysing this discussion, China Policy clarifies the frames of reference shaping policy decisions. Often foreshadowing new policy settings, this evidence-based approach moves our clients to the front foot and equips them for nuanced and productive engagement with Chinese counterparts.

Our suite of information services have been designed to address the rising demand among international business and policy communities for regular and systematic access to the extensive, often trenchant, domestic analysis of China’s policy challenges.

Our distinct research approach comes together in cp.context. This bilingual online system transforms the way organisations can access, contextualise, build and retain knowledge on China’s policy process.

Our clients include multinational corporations, embassies, governments, UN agencies, fund managers, research organisations, foundations and NGOs.

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