cp.positions • twice monthly • audit of shifts across sectors

  • internet finance clampdown
  • cash and land incentives in urban tournament system
  • civil nuclear getting smarter and safer
  • debate over urban land lease renewal
  • Chinese firms increase their global M&As
cp.signals • weekly • domestic policy movement

Finance minister Lou Jiwei 楼继伟 has crossed agency boundaries to call for revisions to the 2008 Labour Contract Law. With lower growth, and the state moving to reduce enterprise burdens, expect changes to the law in favour of business as soon as end 2016.

cp.positions • twice monthly • audit of shifts across sectors

  • courts to connect stricken SOEs with private capital
  • central funds for new industry
  • moves to better regulate the fishing industry
  • banks picky about debt-for-equity swaps
  • Li give health care reform a boost
  • foreign policy divisions made public
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e-comm tax rules ain’t so bad

General Administration of Customs (GAC) implemented a new tax regime for 1,142 categories of direct retail imports on 8 April 2016, formalising e-commerce trade under the import tax system. These new regulations are not a strike against foreign exporters, but a regulatory lever to build markets, and develop logistics chains and consumer protections.

cp.observer • monthly • complimentary roundup

march roundup: meetings over, Xi hits the road

Political pageantry usually dominates the annual Two Meetings, with policy coming a poor second. This year the domestic Charity Law was the only significant legislation to pass, though last-minute changes left doubt as to its intention and effects. The 13th 5-year plan, placing innovation at the centre of industrial development, was also given final shape.

cp.positions • twice monthly • audit of shifts across sectors

  • Tianjin zombie restructuring not another bailout
  • MofCOM releases logistics plan
  • hog prices surge
  • concerns over Charity Law
  • thinking outside the box on housing reform
  • Xi takes the high road, Li takes the low road
cp.signals • weekly • domestic policy movement

New regulations on digital industries tighten market entry for foreign firms, and increase risks for those already present.

cp.signals • weekly • domestic policy movement

Proposed changes to the troubled housing fund system avoid fundamental issues, and would do little to boost housing markets or lower financial burdens on workers and firms.

cp.positions • twice monthly • audit of shifts across sectors

  • Hebei moves to cut capacity
  • Lou Jiwei calls for government-wide VAT cooperation
  • modernising agriculture prioritised
  • doubling down on going global
  • labour questions permeate Two Meetings
  • slow reform progress not the centre’s fault
cp.signals • weekly • domestic policy movement

Moves to expand credit for industrial transformation while maintaining macroeconomic stability signal an end to restrained monetary policy.

cp.focus • exploratory analysis

tech leap to moderate prosperity: China’s 13th 5-year plan

The 13th iteration of the world’s largest parallel planning process will be licked into final shape this week. China’s next 5-year plan will be tabled at the 2016 meeting of the National People’s Congress and unveiled by mid-March.

cp.signals • weekly • domestic policy movement

The policy patchwork to support redundant workers amid industrial transformation will do little to ease fears of a ‘wave of layoffs’ threatening stability.