context: The third draft is consistent with the previous expectation that the regulators intend to incorporate the 2017 voluntary green certificate scheme into the renewable energy quota regulation. The policy might incentivise large end-users to install distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to both fulfil its assigned consumption quota and reduce the cost of purchasing power from renewable energy generators.

National Energy Administration is calling for comment on ‘Announcement on implementing renewable energy quota system’, stipulating

  • assigning provincial quotas for total renewable power consumption and non-hydro renewable power consumption
    • renewable energy quota sets mandatory minimum consumption levels of renewable energy in each province
  • provincial governments should ensure assigned targets are met
  • power grid, power sales companies and specified power users defined to include captive plants and companies participating in the wholesale market are jointly responsible for fulfilling renewable energy quotas
  • coordinating implementation of renewable energy quotas and marketised-power trading
  • voluntary green energy certificate scheme will be incorporated into renewable energy quotas
  • requirements for calculating and trading quotas
  • assessment will begin 1 January 2019