context: For all the recent reports of troubles with cadre management and administration in certain parts of Sichuan, Party media has not been shy about noting reform efforts where officials are concerned. Here is another experiment—small yet notable for the seriousness in which some local cadres are coping with specific challenges.

In an effort to tighten supervision and oversight, a district in a Sichuan village township, instead of relying on officials from its area, established a discipline team by recruiting inspectors from adjoining district-level for ‘cross-inspection’.

Qi Peng 戚鹏 Enyang District Discipline Commission deputy secretary and District Supervision Committee deputy director stated that they divided the township administrative areas into several areas of responsibility, and set up a township discipline inspection team for each realm. Retired township and village cadres and outstanding young Party members were chosen to staff the teams, Qi said, with overall assessment conducted by the township discipline commission.

Since the establishment of the cross-inspection system, the article notes, teams discovered 397 problems, urged the rectification of 341 problems, handed over 50 suspicious cases, examined 22 cases, questioned 45 people, and handed out disciplinary sanctions to 22 people.