context: The creation of the organised crime supervision group, like environmental protection inspection groups, is another effort at extending central supervision to the grassroots level. Since promotions are tied to results, responses from local cadres will likely be vigorous and over-implementation may be a danger.

Party General Office and State Council General Office released a national work plan on supervising the campaign against organised crime, saying that key cases will see direct supervision in counties and villages. Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission will take the lead and, together with the Leading Small Group on Fighting Organised Crime form a special central supervision group that will achieve complete coverage by end 2019. ‘Taking another look’, supervising implementation and setting up long-term mechanisms will ensure success.

The Plan stipulates

  • reorganising weak Party organisations and prevent criminal forces undermining grassroots political organisations
  • supervisory teams should formulate action plans and task lists for each province
  • results will be considered when assessing cadres for promotion