Promoting civil–military integrated development requires systematic science, thought and methodology, said president Xi Jinping 习近平 at the Central Civil–Military Integrated Development Commission’s second plenary session.

The national defence sci-tech industry must be led by civil–military integrated development strategy, says a report on the meeting. The commission called for

  • breaking down barriers, reducing thresholds and creating a fair policy environment
  • structural adjustment of military scientific research capabilities
  • civil–military resource sharing, including technology, capital, information, talent and equipment
  • using cloud computing, big data, and the internet of things in military logistics, which in turn can contribute to storage, healthcare and emergency services
  • effective collaboration in sci-tech megaprojects

The Commission passed

  • ‘National defence sci-tech industry development 5-year plan (2016–20)’
  • ‘Opinions on promoting civil–military integrated development in the national defence sci-tech industry’
  • ‘Implementation opinions on civil–military integrated development in military logistics (2016–20)’
  • ‘Management measures on implementing national defence requirements for projects where building up the economy and national defence are strongly linked (draft)’