context: Robust defence of Xi Jinping and his policies is the norm in current political discourse. Here, doing so in strident fashion by focusing on ‘the two safeguards’ raises the possibility that resistance to certain directives where anti-corruption and oversight are concerned has become more organised and therefore a potential threat to Beijing’s crusade against graft and for Party reform generally.

People’s Daily argues that discipline inspection and supervision organs should take the lead in resolutely implementing ‘two safeguards’—safeguarding the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping 习近平 CCP General Secretary as the core, and the authority and centralised, unified leadership of the Party as a whole.

The piece, written by Deng Xiuming 邓修明 Tianjin Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee secretary and Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee director, also urges strengthening supervision of leading cadres (especially top leaders) by improving political ability, specifically by taking political supervision as a primary responsibility, so as to discover and correct political deviations in a timely manner.

Deng also argues for innovating political supervision methods through

  • incorporating political supervision in daily Party life
  • strengthening precise supervision by conducting talks, surveys, visits and special inspections
  • building a pattern of joint work in discipline supervision, using both on-site supervision and inspections
  • preventing small problems from becoming big ones by seeing them early and acting quickly
  • conducting disciplinary reviews and law enforcement investigations in a zero-tolerance manner and not indulging in idleness
  • purifying political ecology within the Party
  • building ideological embankments by normalising political education