context: The low curtailment rates for wind and solar power suggest that NEA is on track to fulfil its objective to ‘basically solve’ the curtailment issues by 2020 (State Grid also pledged to bring the curtailment rates down to 5 percent by 2020).

National Energy Administration (NEA) hosted a press conference on 30 October, reporting on Q1-3 2018 development in energy and power sectors

  • increased consumption of thermal coal pushed up total coal consumption
    • share of thermal coal consumption grew 2.3 percent to 53.9 percent
  • oil consumption grew 3.4 percent y-o-y
  • gas consumption grew 16.7 percent y-o-y
  • power consumption grew 8.9 percent y-o-y, highest in six years
  • power generated from clean energy sources grew 8.9 percent y-o-y
  • 100 million tonnes of coal capacity were eliminated during the first eight months, achieving 67 percent of the target for 2018
  • total installed renewable power capacity was 706 gigawatt (GW), up 12 percent y-o-y; and total new installed renewable power capacity was 55.96 GW, accounting for 70 percent of total new installed power capacity
  • curtailment of wind and solar continues
    • curtailment rates of wind and solar stand at 7.7 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively