context: Following ‘double leadership programs’ and ‘benchmarking programs’, MoE continued to emphasise Party building in educational institutions, publishing eight related policy documents in the past two months.

Ministry of Education (MoE) released ‘Notice on building demonstrations and creating excellence for the Party within the higher education sector in the New Era’ on 6 July.

According to the Notice, MoE will choose 10 model Party-building universities, 100 model schools and departments, and 1000 model grassroots-level Party branches to promote Party-building efforts. It will also launch training for grassroots-level Party secretaries. The work will be completed within two years.

The Notice goes on to list standards for eligibility for each of the above groups and includes an application form for interested parties.

Attached to the Notice is a list of ‘double leadership’ directives for each of the target groups: ‘four masteries’ for university Party committees, ‘five standards’ for school and department committees, and ‘seven achievements’ for grassroots-level branches.