context: So far, ten national park pilots have been approved and the Sanjiangyuan and Northeast tiger and leopard national parks have set up State-Owned Nature Resource Assets Administration Bureaus to unify regulatory responsibilities previously dispersed among several government agencies. The State Forestry and Grasslands Administration plans to set up between 60 to 200 national parks.

On 23 Jan 2019, the 6th meeting of the Central Deepening Reform Commission approved documents concerning national parks and nature reserves

  • ‘Guiding opinions on setting up a system of nature reserves with national parks as its pillar’
  • ‘Measures on protecting and restoring natural forest’
  • ‘Implementation measures for Hainan national ecological civilisation pilot zone’
  • ‘Measures on piloting Hainan tropical rainforest national park’

The meeting emphasised

  • implementing categorised management of nature reserves
  • incorporating key nature reserves with national significance into the national park system
  • consolidating different types of nature reserves

Hainan will set up a tropical rainforest national park in 2020, after a trial period. The national park, accounting for around one seventh of Hainan’s land area, will include

  • five national nature reserves
  • three provincial nature reserves
  • four national forest parks
  • six provincial forest parks