context: Further rain across key crop-growing regions, including the Northeast and the Huanghuai river basin, is causing concerns about soggy fields and potential yield losses as the autumn harvest approaches. MARA’s work is now focused on assisting farmers’ harvest operations to minimise losses. Reducing harvest loss caused by mechanised operations is once again highlighted.

A notice setting out missions for relevant authorities in each region to ensure smooth autumn harvesting and planting was released by MARA (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) on 6 Oct 2021. Three priorities in autumn production work were specified

  • speeding up autumn harvesting
    • enhancing the speed and quality of mechanised reaping in areas of ideal moisture level, spotlighting the leading role of ag machinery co-ops
    • encouraging hand reaping in waterlogged areas and aerating soaked grain
  • maximising the autumn sowing area
    • kicking off sowing early in areas of ideal moisture level
    • focusing on aeration in waterlogged areas or areas with a high moisture level
    • promoting ag services in harvesting in busy regions
  • enhancing the sowing quality
    • bringing together ag and tech experts to guide farmers through the whole sowing process
    • encouraging farmers to use early maturing crop varieties and increase seeding rates and the use of fertiliser if planting is delayed
    • enhancing farm field management with a particular focus on soil-borne disease prevention