NCAC has issued its 13th 5-year plan for copyright protection, aiming at, annually

  • two nationwide enforcement campaigns, five national training camps on copyright enforcement and seven on legal software use
  • confer one or two national copyright model cities, 15 to 20 national copyright model institutions and three to five national copyright model industrial zones
  • copyright registration to increase by 15 percent, reaching 2.78 million nationwide by 2020 from 1.59 million in 2016
  • computer software registration to increase by 10 percent, reaching 600,000 nationwide by 2020 from 410,000 in 2016

NCAC priorities for the next few years outlined in the plan include

  • the third revision to the Copyright Law, followed by drafting or revising central and local regulations
  • strengthening copyright law enforcement and continuing to promote legal software use
  • continuing to promote copyright exchanges and raise public awareness on copyright
  • expanding cooperation with foreign counterparts and international organisations