context: Beijing started approving new nuclear power projects after several years of hiatus. Given this promising start, more nuclear power plants are likely to receive approvals in 2019. Although no new projects were approved in 2018, several older projects entered commercial operation.

Unit 1 and 2 of Zhangzhou nuclear power station, as well as Unit 1 and 2 of Taipingling nuclear power station were granted approvals by State Council, confirmed Jiemian on 30 January. These four nuclear power plants will start construction, after passing safety review.

Fujian Zhangzhou nuclear power station, owned by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), has six nuclear power plants with a combined installed capacity of 7.5 gigawatt (GW). Guangdong Taipingling station, owned by China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), also contains six power plants. These power plants will use the Hualong one reactor, China’s self-developed third-generation reactor that combines the CNNC’s ACP1000 and CGN’s ACPR1000+ nuclear technologies.

It was also rumoured that the first phase of the Shangdong Rongcheng nuclear power project was approved by State Council in November 2018, but the news has not yet been officially confirmed.