context: Notwithstanding rumours of mismanagement in a provincial judiciary appearing in the Hong Kong press that seemed to bode ill for Zhou Qiang 周强 Supreme People’s Court President, all signs point to his continued stewardship. Zhou has helped lead the cementing of Party leadership in legal affairs in recent years and his speech outlined below showed no signs of deviating from that task.

Zhou Qiang 周强 Supreme People’s Court President delivered a speech on 17 Jan 2019, following the address by Xi Jinping 习近平 CCP General Secretary at the Central Political and Legal Work Conference on 15-16 Jan 2019. Zhou’s talk focused on the need to continue work on solving the difficulties of implementing the law.

Zhou, noting that such work was in its closing stage, advised the judiciary to

  • further strengthen our efforts and focus on key points
  • alleviate shortcomings and weaknesses
  • ensure that set goals are achieved on time
  • consolidate work achievements
  • persist in not relaxing and idling after addressing difficulties
  • maintain stability of manpower allocation and match resources to actual needs
  • regularise and institutionalise achievements of implementation
  • ensure that implementation is more standardised and orderly
  • continue to improve work concerning comprehensive governance (law and politics working in tandem)
  • base progress in terms of long-term development while improving top-level design
  • firmly rely on the leadership of Party committees and political and legal committees at all levels