context: Governance under the Xi leadership means prioritising the Party, with other actors as adjuncts and technology an accessory. The commentary below clearly seeks to remind officials of that change, as well as confirming that in the organic unity of politics and law, the former drives the latter.

In a speech delivered at the Central Political and Legal Work Conference on 15-16 Jan 2019, Xi Jinping 习近平 CCP General Secretary underlined the need to

  • improve the law-based social governance model whereby Party committees lead, the government assumes responsibility, social organisations assist and the public gets involved
    • combine traditional methods with new technology
  • promote community governance innovation and build new, dynamic and efficient grassroots governance systems
  • build three-dimensional crime prevention and control systems that are informatised
  • maintain pressure on the ‘social cancer’ of mafia groups and achieve the three-year target
  • build a safety protection system for the country’s overseas institutions and staff
  • strengthen competence of law enforcement and the judiciary
  • focus on problems that prompt strong public reaction and guard against slack law enforcement, miscarriage of justice and violations of law in the system of power check and supervision; integrate big data and AI
  • strengthen building Party organisations in political and legal organs

A People’s Daily commentary published on the heels of the Central Political and Legal Work Conference argues that only with a secure political environment, a stable social environment and fair law-based environment and high-quality service environment can the people feel happy and safe. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Central Committee with Xi Jinping 习近平 as the core has placed political and legal work in a more important position. No matter how the situation changes, the commentary states that the fundamental purpose of political and legal organs and their mission cannot change. It calls for conscientious study and implementation of the spirit of Xi’s speech.

Members of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, and units from provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, representatives from state organs, SOEs, universities and the military attended.