The 2017 central doc no 1, says Tang Renjian 唐仁建 Central Rural Work Leading Group office director, adheres to the same conclusions reached by the Central Rural Work Conference; primarily, agricultural supply-side structural reform must adhere to the three bottom lines of

  • maintaining grain production capacity
  • supporting increases to farmers’ income
  • rural stability

The document, says Tang, identifies

  • the main objective as increasing farmers’ income and ensuring efficient supply
  • the main direction as improving quality of agricultural supply
  • the fundamental requirement as institutional reform

Agricultural supply-side structural reform will be promoted through platforms, he says, noting

  • ‘three areas’
    • grain production functional area
    • important agricultural production protected area
    • characteristic agricultural product advantage area
  • ‘three parks’
    • modern agricultural industrial parks
    • science and technology parks
    • entrepreneurial parks
  • ‘one unit’
    • integration of farming, land, and leisure agriculture

Measures for agricultural supply side structural reform are divided into two parts, Tang says, noting

  • agricultural supply-side structural adjustment
    • includes product structure, production method, industry system, science and technology support, basic support
  • agricultural supply side structural reform, focusing on the relationship between government and market, and realisation of the ‘three activations’
    • activate market by implementing ‘market dictated prices and subsidies’
    • activate essential factors via innovation in resource allocation, and employment of under-utilised rural resources
    • activate entities by promoting agricultural management system reform, and promoting talent and entrepreneurship in rural and agricultural areas