context: The new announcements came as the media unveils scandals related to fake test results and biotech companies making false claims on Covid-related expenditures. The public is also dissatisfied with healthcare workers breaking into residents’ homes to disinfect them without the owners’ consent.

State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for COVID-19 issued three documents to strengthen COVID-19 testing work.

The ‘Notice on enhancing full life-cycle supervision and management of COVID-19 testing institutions’ highlights

  • strengthening the verification and certification of testing personnel and testing sites
  • standardising the collection, preservation and transportation of samples
  • strengthening the daily supervision and management of COVID-19 testing institutions
  • strengthening the supervision of COVID-19 testing institutions in emergency situations
  • optimising COVID-19 testing capacity
  • introducing withdrawal mechanism to phase out the oversupply of COVID-19 testing capacity

The ‘Notice on improving COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection work’ stipulates

  • improving cleaning and disinfection work in private and public places where COVID patients have lived, stayed, visited, been quarantined and/or treated
  • improving communication with property owners before cleaning and/or disinfecting private households
  • rolling out preventive cleaning and/or disinfection in public spaces
  • strengthening cleaning and disinfection work in vulnerable places
  • promoting awareness-raising and public supervision

The ‘Guidelines on preventing heat-related illness among healthcare personnel on the COVID-19 frontline’ highlights

  • staff rotations
  • work schedule planning
  • emergency treatment