context: Beijing has been reforming its cultural system to strengthen ideological education and its core values system.

CCP Central Committee and State Council jointly released the 14th 5-year plan for cultural development, stipulating

  • goals include strengthening
    • people’s faith and confidence in Xi Jinping Thought
    • people’s deep belief in socialist core values
    • prosperity in the cultural industry
    • the influence of Chinese culture
    • perfection of the cultural system and relevant laws
  • improving research, education and publicity for Marxism and Chinese humanities and social sciences
  • strengthening education on socialist core values, political ideology and civil morality
  • expanding mainstream value
    • strengthening online and offline publicity for mainstream values
  • encouraging cultural work production
  • strengthening publicity for traditional culture and revolutionary history
  • expanding the coverage of public cultural services
  • high-quality development of culture
  • integrating culture and tourism
  • enhancing the international influence of Chinese culture
  • shrinking the cultural development gap between different regional areas
  • reforming cultural management