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China passes law putting foreign NGOs under stricter police control

David Kelly, a director of research at the Beijing-based firm China Policy, which has advised foreign NGOs on how to deal with Chinese government regulation, says the law's net effect is bad, but hardly unexpected. China's government has been tightening the screws on Chinese and foreign NGOs for several years.

feature: China’s retail revolution hots up

According to a report by China Policy, a firm that monitors and analyses Chinese government policy, the new tax regime merely formalised 'ecommerce trade under the import tax system'. China Policy said the new regime was meant to address imports that were overwhelming the postal and parcel delivery systems, circumventing quality controls and slipping through 'inadequate quarantine supervision for milk powder, food and nutritional supplements entering China.'

China trade: exporters weigh new import rules

China Policy, a leading analytical agency established in Beijing by Australians David Kelly and Philippa Jones, says in a paper about to be published and made available to The Australian, that while it may have been portrayed otherwise in Australia, 'the new tax regime for direct retail imports is not a strike against foreign ­exporters, but a regulatory lever to build markets, and develop ­logistics chains and consumer ­protections'.

‘chairman of everything’: Is China’s President Xi making like Mao?

The Australian research director of China policy, David Kelly, a visiting professor at Peking University, says those who fear a cult of Xi driving a new cultural revolution would do well to ponder the fate of Yuan Shikai (1859-1916), who succeeded Sun Yat-sen to become republican China’s second president, and then had himself enthroned as the Hongxian Emperor.

Chinese companies to increase foreign firm acquisitions

'The basic thinking in China is to encourage its major business groups to make money overseas, and bring back the profits in a sort of round trip at this time when the country is going through an economic slowdown,' said David Kelly, head of the research firm China Policy.

China’s 5–year plan

China Policy's David Kelly says the country’s leaders want to ‘digitise the China dream’ to achieve a ‘moderately prosperous society’ in the next half-decade. But it comes at the same time as troubling concerns over censorship and growing authoritarianism are also evident.

flashy slogans for outdated ideas[Dutch]

According to Charles Horne, economic research manager at China Policy, a think tank in Beijing , these delays are due to disagreements over the leadership's policy direction, saying 'the messages from above are often diffuse, there is no unified front.'

heat rises on China tycoon Ren Zhiqiang

David Kelly, director of research at consultancy China Policy, said the affair had shocked Chinese society. 'He’s crossed a line which is not just disrespectful to the emperor,' he said. 'He represents a trend in society which is totally fed up. I was at a dinner party last night and the tone was disbelief.'

What’s behind China’s stock market meltdown?

Charles Horne, an economy portfolio manager with consultancy firm China Policy, joins Counting the Cost to discuss the currency devaluation and the general lack of confidence in the Chinese economy