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economy: local government debt, dairy tech, land reclamation, electric vehicles

The bid to detach local governments from companies set up to enable irregular borrowing is already in trouble in early 2018. Yunnan province is bailing out a former local government financing vehicle (LGFV), Yunnan Capital, which morphed into a state-owned asset management company in mid-2016. Like many LGFVs, it proved non-viable.

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economy: China Unicom plan unveiled, agrochemical inspection, real estate at 33-month low

China Unicom finalised its mixed-ownership plan after suspensions of stock trading and rumours about potential strategic investors. The plan has three prongs: a new share placement for strategic investors (such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and; agreement-based transfer of existing shares to China SOE Structural Adjustment Fund; and an employee stock ownership program (ESOP).

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state capitalism 2.0

SOE über-agency SASAC, sidelined in the 2015 reform plan, has been making a comeback. The plan had reduced SASAC’s functions to Temasek-style management of capital, and corporate conversion pilots. Ministry of Finance’s (MoF) star was on the rise, given charge of ‘state capital investment and operation pilots’, an initiative to shift state capital to more profitable sectors. With MoF cast as a more effective reformer than the conservative SASAC, this was welcomed. But SASAC has managed to wrest control of the initiative, announcing a series of pilots in 2016 and 2017 and setting up new bureaus to oversee them.

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economy: ag modernisation plan, NEEQ from growth to liquidity, debating reform direction

The 5-year plan for agricultural modernisation, released 20 October 2016, marks a shift in food security strategy, moving agriculture from increasing grain output to improving production sustainability, says Han Changfu 韩长赋 minister of agriculture.

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