strengthen the ‘four consciousnesses’, adhere to the ‘four confidences’, enact the ‘two safeguards’
增强 ‘四个意识’ 坚定 ‘四个自信’ 做到 ‘两个维护’
zēngqiáng ‘sìgè yìshí’, jiāndìng ‘sìgè zìxìn’, zuòdào ‘liǎnggè wéihù’

As seen in many political buzz-phrases, numbers are used to make a Party message memorable—in this case, Xi’s paramount position and political program. First appearing in September 2018, ‘four-four-two’ reminds the faithful to

raise consciousness of

  • maintaining political integrity
  • thinking in big-picture terms
  • upholding the core leadership
  • staying in alignment with the Party

be confident in

  • the path
  • Party theories
  • the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics
  • China’s unique culture

and safeguard

  • General Secretary Xi’s core status
  • the Party Central Committee’s unified leadership