As usual we are celebrating Chinese New Year with an arts special—our annual cherished diversion from the pressure of policy and legislation. China Policy will be on holiday this week for Chinese New Year. Publications will resume 12 February 2019.

Bring our annual arts special home for Chinese New Year and immerse yourself in contemporary gongbi fine line painting. This year, Julie Segraves, executive director of the Asian Art Coordinating Council (AACC) in Denver, guides us through the oeuvre of six painters pushing the traditional brush techniques of bird-and-flower paintings in unique new directions.

Regardless of market and fashion, and with generous support from the AACC board, Julie has been pivotal in bringing skilled non-mainstream Asian artists’ work to the US for over three decades. With expertise in both historical and contemporary Asian art, Segraves has spent her career in the Asian art and museum fields. She is also a Foreign Expert at Beijing University’s Art and Archaeology department, appraises Asian art for Antiques Roadshow, and has taught at the University of Denver.

master strokes is our fifth annual culture special, following centre stage on dance, best dressed on fashion, hip flicks on film, and choice cuts on music.


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